Back To School: Bedding Essentials for Your Hall of Residence

Back To School: Bedding Essentials for Your Hall of Residence

Resumption time is here again. The time of the year where students are preparing to resume after the summer holiday. As students prepare to return to their halls of residence, it is essential to make their bed as comfortable as possible. Empress Quilts, your reliable bedding manufacturer in Manchester, brings you the bedding essentials you need to take along with you to your hall as you resume school.


Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are essential for a good night sleep. These bed sheets are your night jacket as they provide adequate insulation, warmth, and comfort. As students, you will need sheets for your new bed. At Empress Quilts, we offer an extensive collection of bedding sets and bed sheets that are perfect for you. With our quality bed sheets, you can take the softness and comfy of your bed linen on your bed at home back to school.



Another college bedding essential you need to take back to your hall of residence is your pillow. A bad pillow can ruin a good night sleep. A great pillow will help you get a sound sleep. Pillows often vary between individuals. A great pillow may be just what you need to get comfortable in your new hall.



Duvets offer warmth and cosiness. They also help achieve good sleep. They provide you with the needed comfort as you settle into your new hall. At Empress Quilts, we offer you the perfect duvet to complete your bedroom. With this, you can remain warm and cosy all through the night.


Mattress Encasement or Cover

Another bedding essential that a lot of students often forget is mattress encasement. Especially in a hall of residence, it is important to protect yourself from dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and lots more. You can use the encasement to enclose your mattress fully. These mattress encasements also feature zippers. With this, you can easily remove for washing and put back when dry.


Mattress Pad or Topper

Finally, your bedding essentials remain incomplete without your mattress pad. The majority of the beds in the halls of residence have been in use for several years. You may not feel comfortable enough when you use them. The mattress pad helps provided added padding for your bed. With this, you can provide more comfort for yourself when you sleep.


There you have it! Above are some of the bedding essentials every college student needs as they return to their hall of residence. These bedding essentials will provide you with the needed comfort for you to get quality sleep and be prepared for the next day at school.

Empress Quilts remains your reliable textile manufacturer in Manchester. We can provide you with college bedding essentials including duvet, cushions, bed linen, pillows and so forth. We are the ideal bed linen supplier in Manchester that can provide you with everything you need to achieve a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

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