Duvet Buying Guide

Duvet Buying Guide

best duvet choice

What Tog rating should I buy?

Tog is a measurement which depicts the ratio between a duvet’s weight and warmth. In other words, the measurement is a gauge of how much heat a duvet will retain and thus how warm it will keep you. Tog ratings vary between 1 and 15, with 1 being the lightest and least heat retentive, while a 15 tog rating will tell you that a duvet will keep you very warm! So, to put it simply, the higher the rating, the warmer it will keep you. The standard average tog rating across Europe is 10.5, for duvets that can be used all year round. In summer, a duvet with a tog rating of 1 – 4.5 is most suitable. For autumn and spring, you won’t go far wrong with a tog rating of 7 – 10.5. Depending on personal preferences, a 10.5 tog rated duvet is a versatile choice and can serve you well in any season.

best duvet choice

Which duvet filling should I choose?

Synthetic – Non allergenic, lightweight and easy care, synthetic filled duvets are ideal for allergy sufferers who seek an affordable option.

Anti-allergenic – With a specially formulated synthetic filling that repels dust mites and the build up of bacteria, this is the best option for allergy sufferers.

Climate Control – Some manufacturers offer a DACRON filling which helps draw excess moisture away from the body offering a comfortable night’s sleep to those who struggle with other synthetic materials.

Natural fillings – Using feather, down or a mixture of the two, natural fillings offer a lightweight and incredibly effective option. However, they may not be suitable for allergy sufferers.

Polyester – An affordable option which also offers softness, easy of cleaning and care, polyester acts as a durable and wrinkle-resistant filling option.

Cotton – A natural fibre which is as soft as it is functional in drawing away heat and moisture.

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