A Better Night’s Sleep with the Bedding Experts

A Better Night’s Sleep with the Bedding Experts

better nights sleep

As the various lockdowns take their tolls on our bodies and body clocks, Empress quilts are here to help you get that better night’s sleep. Beyond our bed linen and bedding products, we’re also offering our best, tried, tested and proven methods, of how you can sleep better at tonight! Keep reading for more of our top tips.


This is probably the most obvious thing on the list, but one, we concede, difficult to dismiss. Consumed by millions every second, caffeine is among the world’s most popular drugs. Helping to enhance focus, alertness and reduce fatigue, caffeine is a powerful stimulant. If you’re having trouble sleeping and you are a heavy caffeine user, it’s time to ditch the cuppa. Green tea is an antioxidant-rich alternative to coffee and stronger teas. However, for a guaranteed good night’s sleep, avoid caffeine from between six and hours, prior to going to sleep.

Natural Sleep Supplements

Melatonin is a hormone which is produced by the body naturally in order to help regulate sleep. Melatonin has a relaxing effect and tells the body when it’s time to relax and unwind. In recent years, the popularity of melatonin supplementation as a sleep aid has increased. For years, it has also been used when travelling, the counter the effects of jet lag. However, melatonin should only be taken following advice from a medical expert, as high doses can have a lasting effect on the brain. Nevertheless, reputable research has shown that even with minimal supplementation, sleep quality and daytime energy have both been observed to be considerably improved.

Bedroom and Body Temperature

Studies have shown that bedroom temperature can have as much as an effect on sleep quality as external noise and light pollution. Experts say that 20 degrees centigrade is a temperature that most people will find comfortable. However, optimal sleeping temperature depends on your personal comfort.

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