Proven Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Proven Tips to Improve Your Sleep

improve your sleep

As the experts of bedding and bed linen, Empress Quilts are here to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. That’s why, in this post, we’ll be addressing some proven tips, which are certain to help improve your sleep. Of course, the right duvet, pillow, covers and linen will go a long way, but with these tips, we hope to offer you that little bit extra.

Increase Bright Light Exposure

The body’s circadian rhythm can be likened to an in-built clock, which helps to regulate sleeping patterns. In the dark winter months, when sunlight can be scarce, ensure you get as much light exposure as possible. This light exposure can be in the form of sunlight, or artificial bright light. Thus, with the right amount of exposure, you’ll feel better energised in the day and enjoy improved sleep quality.

Reduce Blue Light Exposure

When exposed to bright light during the day, this is healthy for the circadian rhythm. However, during the night and leading up to bedtime, exposure to blue light will disrupt your sleep. Evening or night time exposure to light has the effect of telling the body that it is still daytime, interrupting the circadian rhythm. Blue lights, which is emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones and television, is the most disruptive to the body’s natural regulation functions.

Beating Blue Light Exposure

Of course, avoiding the television or your smartphone at bedtime could prove difficult for the best of us. However, with the prominence of their use, measures to mitigate their harmful effects on the body’s circadian rhythm have been developed. Special glasses which are designed to block out blue light can be worn, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your electronic devices at bedtime. Also, there are apps available which help limit blue light emission from laptops and smartphones.

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