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Fire Resistant Duvets for Peace of Mind

Fire Resistant Duvets for Peace of Mind

At Empress we offer Fire Retardant Duvets compliant with BS7175 Source 5 and Source 7 regulations. BS 7175 is a British Standard for manufacturing that describes the methods of testing the ignitability of bedcovers and pillows when subjected to smouldering and flaming types of ignition sources of differing severities.

Our fully compliant, flame retardant duvets provide peace of mind in relation to health and safety fire risks. Providing these products will help you offer a solution to commercial customers that will help them to comply with health and safety regulations and legislation.

Fire retardant duvets and pillows are the ideal choice to offer to commercial and public settings such as hotels, hospitals, care homes, prisons, and other institutions.

Manufactured from fire resistant materials, fire retardant duvets and pillows provide the perfect combination of both comfort and security. And what’s more, this type of bedding can be machine washed without losing any of its fire-resistant qualities.

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