Student Bedding Sets

Student Bedding Sets

Student Bedding Sets

Did you know, we sell a range of quality Student Bedding Sets at fantastic prices?

Thousands more students are sitting their exams right now with the hope of gaining a place at these university of choice and taking that leap to move away from home and into Halls of Residence. Preparing for the arrival of the new students into halls is no easy task, with so many students and so many options and preferences to cater for it can be a challenging time for universities.

At Empress, we aim to make that task easier by offering affordable, quality student bedding packs. These are perfect for buying in bulk and supplying to students as part of a halls of residence package or offering as an add on to new students to save them transporting their own duvets and bedding to campus; freeing up vital space in the boot for parents!

A 7-piece student bedding pack could contain:

  • 10.5 Tog Hollowfibre Duvet x 1 (hollowfibre filling encased in polycotton cover)
  • Pillows x 2 (synthetic pillows)
  • Duvet Cover x 1
  • Pillowcases x 2
  • Fitted Sheet x 1

Student Bedding Packs can be made available in a full range of sizes.

Get in touch with us today to find out about our student bedding sets.

Student Bedding Set

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