Autumn Bedding Choices

Autumn Bedding Choices

Autumn is Coming!

Best Autumn Bedding Choices by Empress Quilts

I think we have all noticed the changeability of the UK weather recently. Whether you agree that there is a climate emergency or not, there’s no denying that the UK weather, especially in autumn, can be unpredictable. From stuffy and warm nights to chilly and draughty evenings, it can be difficult to get your bedding right. We’ve put together our top tips for a good autumn night’s sleep to help you.

Autumn Tog Ratings

As the temperatures drop, you might consider changing your duvet for one with better insulation properties (known as a higher tog rating). If you need help with tog ratings, check out our earlier blog here. Lower tog rating duvets are perfect for summer but as the nights turn colder, many people opt to up the tog rating. A 10.5 tog may be more suitable at this time of year. It is perfectly sensible to have more than one duvet, you can always vacuum pack and store heavier duvets whilst not in use. However, we also offer duvets that are suitable for all seasons. These comprise two layers of quilts which can be separated for when you want a lower tog effect.What ever you choose it is up to you, we always aim for our customers to gain the best possible night’s sleep!

Autumn bed sheets

100% cotton bed sheets are perfect in autumn as their natural properties lend them towards keeping you cool in summer and warmer in winter.

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