Bedroom Cooling Ideas

Bedroom Cooling Ideas

With spring fast upon us, summer will arrive sooner than you’ll have time to plan for! With Empress Quilts, make sure you’re ready for those hot and stuffy short summer nights. Our climate is such that there’s no guarantee that an expensive air conditioning unit will be warranted. With a hefty price tag, probably only useful for a few weeks at most, never mind the carbon footprint, air con isn’t really your best bet. In this post, we take a look at some other, less expensive ways to help cool your bedroom. At Empress Quilts, it’s our job to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible.


As long as sunlight is getting through your windows, you will struggle to maintain low temperatures inside your house. Blinds will help to deflect sunlight and prevent the radiation of heat inside. Keep your blinds closed and your curtains drawn, during sunlight hours, and you’ll notice a massive difference to internal temperatures.


Doorways offer vast space for heat to travel through the house. With doors left open, heat will travel unabated. Here, the general rule of thumb is that wherever light will travel, so will heat. Keep areas cool by keeping them dark. Keep your doors closed and your bedroom door in particular. Curtains draw, doors closed, your bedroom will be perfect by the time you go to get some sleep.

Primitive Air Conditioning

A big bowl of ice and the humble desk fan can help create a satisfying cross breeze, while your home is sealed. Yes, closing doors and sealing windows might elicit claustrophobia. You need a cross breeze and sometimes age old, tried and tested options are the best. A large bowl of ice placed in front of a simple desk fan was the go-to option before air con was as prevalent as it is today. It works a treat too.

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