The staple of any bedding supplier, we are exceptionally proud of the duvets we produce. Through our ever-changing, expanding and improving manufacturing process, we have used over thirty years of experience to create the premium products you see before you today with a variety of different fillings.

Synthetic Duvets

Good quality at low prices, these products are proven to produce less allergic reactions, less discomfort and a better quality of sleep for allergy sufferers. We guarantee your customers will be thrilled and will return to you again and again.

Natural Duvets

Our wealth of experience, gathered from three generations of working in the bedding manufacture industry, means we have perfected out production process to create the ultimate in luxury and comfort at great prices.

And as we put our customers first, we are always on hand to resolve any customer complaints or queries to ensure your satisfaction with every part of the Empress Quilts and Textiles experience.


We have moulded and adapted our pillow designs continuously over the past three decades to make them the best they can be so you can provide the best for your customers. We offer a wide range of pillows so you can offer variety to your customers.

Synthetic Pillows

The synthetic pillow range is a top-seller; comfortable, anti-allergenic products which allow for a great night’s sleep mean that your customers will tell all their friends about their great new purchase.

We use only the best materials and machinery in order to create the state-of-the-art products our customers love. Why not scroll through our testimonials page to see what past customers have had to say about their experience with Empress.

Natural Pillows

Luxury, top quality feather and down fill our natural pillows for the touch of class that customers desire in their homes. Where previously, feather pillows might have been seen by many as an indulgence they cannot afford, our streamlined manufacturing process means we can produce these items, without sacrificing their quality, at lower cost.

Memory Foam Pillows

In recent years, there have been huge strides in memory foam technology and Empress Quilts and Textiles we have been on top of the latest developments for years. Memory foam pillows give support to the head and neck, moulds to the shape of the sleeper’s head and provides unparalleled levels of comfort.

Our three decades of experience and passion for bringing the latest technology to bedtime have led to us being able to provide you with these great memory foam pillows for an amazing prices.


At Empress Quilts and Textiles our manufacturing process is not limited to bedding. We also produce cushions to add an extra touch of comfort to anyone’s home. Using high-quality materials, a variety of fillings and efficient manufacturing techniques, our cushions can round off any home with style.

Founded in 1972, Empress Quilts and Textiles can boast over three decades of experience and honed skill. We have continuously invested time and capital into in our manufacturing process to make our products as good as they can possibly be.

Home Furnishings

Empress Quilts and Textiles are the number one choice not only for bedding and bed linen but also for a wide array of home furnishing items. We have been established for over three decades and in that time we have seen what customers want, how the market has changed, all the new developments for bedding and furnishings. Empress Quilts uses this knowledge to maximise the customer experience and make the products the public wants.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we have already served hundreds of happy customers. Take a look at our testimonials page to find out more.

Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Top quality mattress and pillow protectors are a wise investment which many customers now make. By supplying them, your business can make extra profit on top of the sale of duvets and pillows. Empress Quilt and Textile’s mattress and pillow protectors are durable, high-quality and made from great materials to allow the public to get the most out of their bedrooms.

Mattress Toppers

Empress Quits and Textiles supplies mattress toppers to fit on top of existing mattresses to give an extra layer of comfort and support to a tired mattress.

All of our mattress toppers are filled with the best materials and have all undergone our streamlined manufacturing processes and quality control measures to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. And our dedicated customer service team are on hand to supply you with all the support and advice you could require.


To complete our product range, Empress Quilts is proud to present our range of towels made of the highest quality materials and using the latest machinery in the manufacturing process. With a range of types and styles to choose from, you can be assured that your customers will find what they are looking for from our product range.

Having over thirty years of experience at our backs means that we are confident that we know what the customer wants and we strive to deliver on this every single time.